Call tracking

advertise online. advice by phone.

Which customers call because of your online advertising?

Call tracking gives you transparency.

The connection of campaigns, advertising measures or complete customer journeys with calls is the basis for better marketing decisions. How did the customer find out about us? Companies often lack a way to holistically capture the connection between online advertising and calls. In this way, successful campaigns are prematurely and erroneously rated negatively. 

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Call-Tracking: More transparency in online marketing 


You advertise online. For example on Google. A prospect clicks on your ad and is directed to your website.


Due to the assignment to a predefined advertising channel, your telephone number will be exchanged for a marketing telephone number when the page is loaded.


The interested party calls the telephone number shown. The call will be put through to you immediately and you will receive the announcement "The following call will be sent to you because of your online advertising" - then the call begins.

Call tracking

The advertising success is transparent for you due to the telephone announcement and is logged in our portal and displayed to you in our admin panel. You can also transmit the event to other tools (e.g. Google Analytics) as a conversion.

Call tracking for SMBs

The local painting company, the car dealership, the lawyer and the insurance agency have one thing in common: initial contact is often made by telephone. Regardless of whether it is a craft business, retailer, restaurant or service company, offers requiring intensive advice require direct discussions. Especially in the areas of consulting and sales, website visitors are picking up the phone more and more often than filling out complicated forms or looking for the answers to their questions on complex websites or in chats. 

So how can you holistically record the advertising success of an online campaign when interested parties call you on your landline connection? 

With call tracking, we offer you an easy start and the right solution.

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Call tracking for corporations

You would like more transparency for the advertising activities of your distributed location marketing. Measure the calls to your trading locations and add the target achievement to your central web analysis as a conversion. Check how many calls are not answered in the branches and evaluate the call rate and call duration across all locations. 

For every location in Germany and for many European countries we can offer you local area codes and telephone numbers. We can also route the calls to your local locations or centrally to your call center. With the Storefinder function, a caller is forwarded to the nearest contact person based on the geolocation (or by entering the postal code). 

We offer you maximum flexibility and detailed management of your call tracking number pools.

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Call tracking Basic

for small businesses with low calls per day

ab € 57 .00

  • individual number
  • ext. forwarding options
  • Answering machine
  • Announcement when answering a call
  • Reporting
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Control panel

Call tracking Pro

for eCommerce and businesses with medium calls per day

ab € 72 .00

  • 10 number pool*
  • ext. forwarding options
  • Answering machine
  • time-dependent forwarding
  • Announcement when answering a call
  • Reporting
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Download of call data (csv)
  • Control panel

Call tracking Premium

For companies and online shops with a high volume of calls and extended requirements

ab 152 .00

  • 100 number pool*
  • ext. forwarding options
  • Answering machine
  • time-dependent forwarding
  • Announcement when answering a call
  • Reporting
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Download of call data (csv)
  • Control panel

The prices quoted are net plus the statutory VAT of currently 19%

Do you have your own requirements for your call tracking?

In consultation with you, we create the perfect call tracking solution. Whatever your requirements, we will provide you with the right solution. Individual phone numbers or phone number pools up to 100,000, time-dependent forwarding, whisper sound & call announcement, reporting table in the control panel, e-mail reporting, standard Google integration (analytics or ads), download of call data (xlsx, csv), custom integration 2.0 for individual Integration into your desired system, callback function, Click2Call buttons with callback function, Campaign Manager, API interface, white label option, IVR routing of call tracking numbers, channel filter (social/ads etc.), store finder / contact person routing , International phone numbers in over 70 countries, WebRTC - call tracking without phone numbers.

We aroused your interest? I look forward to your inquiry.

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Key Account Manager

I will be happy to advise you on your individual questions about call tracking and the requirements that your company places on a solution. 

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May we answer any other questions you may have about call tracking?

We have prepared the most frequently asked questions about call tracking for you here. Please contact us at any time if these questions and answers do not seem sufficient and we can answer your important questions. We are glad to be here for you.

In general it can be said: call tracking connects an advertising measure with a telephone number and the resulting calls to this telephone number. It should be determined how many calls individual advertising measures actually generate. This way, you can determine which marketing efforts are most successful. Of course, the whole thing can be detailed to varying degrees, starting with the length of a call, the general counting of calls up to the valuation of a call. In the simplest form - static call tracking - call tracking can look like this: You use different phone numbers for the website, the print ads and on the radio to see how many calls about products are generated via these media. This case represents the simplest variant of call tracking - it can be useful in some cases, but dynamic call tracking is ideal for comprehensive performance marketing: 

static call tracking

With static call tracking, a single phone number is used for each (advertising) measure. For example, if you want to know which poster generates the most calls, you can have a different phone number printed on each poster.

dynamic call tracking

Dynamic call tracking is the right choice for measuring your online advertising efforts. A script is integrated into your website, through which each website visitor is shown an individual phone number. This means that each generated call can be clearly assigned to a website visitor. Furthermore, the connection between telephone inquiries and orders and the online advertising channels (SEA, display, newsletter, SEO,...) can then be measured.

You can use source-based routing to route calls to a different forwarding destination based on their origin? With source-based routing, different caller sources can be assigned to certain defined routing profiles. For example, callers from Germany can be automatically routed to a German service and other countries to an English service.

Anonymous callers can be forwarded to an answering machine, for example, using the same principle. Certain area codes are also forwarded to regional branches. The possibilities are manifold.

You store a call tracking script on your website. This script is configured by you and you can define when your own phone number should be displayed and in which situation / with which type of access the phone number on your website should be exchanged for the marketing phone number. For example, users who come to the website via the organic search on Google or your MyBusiness entry see your original phone number, while contacts who use your paid advertisements on Google Ads are forwarded to your homepage when they click on the advertisement in the search results Your call -Get tracking phone number displayed. In the evaluation you will only see callers who have become aware of you via the predefined advertising channels and who have called the call tracking number.

Similar to Google Analytics, you have to integrate a script on your website. Our Search & Replace Script is a small piece of JavaScript that has to be integrated into the website in the head area or via a tag manager.

We give you access to a control panel - a website where you can view and configure the script integration and all call tracking features. This is where you define all the text passages on your homepage that are to be exchanged for our call tracking telephone number as soon as a user accesses your homepage via the predefined form of advertising. The script searches the source text of the rendered page and replaces phone numbers with call tracking phone numbers according to the logic you have stored in our control panel. These phone numbers are linked to a user ID and this assignment is stored in our system. This enables a comparison with calls actually received.

With call tracking, the last three digits of the caller's phone number are hidden and not transmitted. Reporting and logging is anonymous and no personal data is stored. The company's servers are located in Germany.

Yes. You can link call tracking to various services such as Matomo, Google Ads, Marin Software, intelliAd, Webtrekk, doubleclick, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.

With the help of our Google Analytics integration, we transmit the collected call tracking data to Google Analytics. If there are links between your Google Analytics and Google Ads account, you can also track your incoming calls down to keyword level and integrate them into your Google Analytics reports.

With call tracking, you measure the call frequency for predefined advertising measures and your website visitors. Depending on the type (static call tracking / dynamic call tracking), you will receive different details. General information is the number of calls, call duration, number of accepted and unanswered calls, as well as a call log on which all call tracking calls including day, time and duration are logged. 

You can view and download the call data via the matelso control panel (web interface). We can also send the data to you via an API, as an xml file or as an HTTP request on the server of your choice. A .csv file on an FTP server is also no problem.

Furthermore, we have a large number of integration partners in whose products you can process our call tracking. In this way, the call tracking data is easily and automatically integrated into the tools that you are already using. We currently have integrations with various web analysis, bid management, content management and customer relationship management systems. These include, but are not limited to: Google Ads & Google Analytics, Webtrekk, Marin Software, IntelliAd, Optimizely and Adobe Analytics.

You will receive a complete list on telephone request or via our contact form. Irrespective of this, we naturally also develop further integrations according to your requirements as part of a project business. .

Yes, that is possible. You can use call tracking numbers for locations, individual contacts or product categories as well as landing pages and thus analyze them in great detail. We make sure that, for example, a call tracking number with local area code is integrated at different locations.

No. A caller does not notice that he has called a call tracking number. The connection will be immediately forwarded to your target device without notice and any delay. .

We leave it up to you to decide on a location-based dial-in number. You define individually for each call tracking scenario whether you want a local call tracking number or whether it should be an 0800 number. The range of functions is the same. Our experience shows that local companies often want a phone number with an area code.

The right call tracking package is as individual as the perfect suit or the perfect evening dress. We will therefore be happy to advise you by telephone and put together what we consider to be the perfect call tracking offer without obligation. Give us a call on +49 631 91464302 or send us an enquiry. enquiry. We are looking forward to your contact .

The call tracking phone numbers are registered in the name of our customers and therefore belong to our customers. If you terminate the contract, you also have the option of porting the phone numbers. After successful cancellation of a phone number or a pool of numbers, the corresponding numbers are placed in quarantine (there are country-specific requirements regarding the length of the quarantine). This ensures that these numbers are not issued to other companies at short notice.

Customer acquisition costs money. The money is always limited or budgeted. With call tracking you ensure that your budget is not invested in advertising that is useless. This increases the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

You get 100% transparency in the call channel. Fast, direct reporting of the performance-relevant KPIs for your advertising channels supports you in making the right decisions based on a holistic analysis. Call tracking also offers you direct interfaces to your advertising and analysis tools. In this way, calls can be fed back to the advertising channel as a conversion. This has positive effects on the advertising control and the performance of the campaign. Your advertising measures become more efficient and the algorithms can take into account the conversions based on the call tracking in the further advertising control. 

What benefits does Call-Tracking offer?

Call-Tracking allows companies to accurately measure and optimize the effectiveness of marketing efforts. It enables a detailed analysis of call sources and histories and can help improve customer service. 

Call Tracking gives you a better idea of which campaigns generate the most calls and which actions have the highest conversion rate. By analyzing call times and duration, important insights into customer needs and behaviors can also be gained.

Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Call-Tracking, wie zum Beispiel dynamisches Call-Tracking, in dem die Tracking-Nummer in Echtzeit angepasst wird, oder statisches Call-Tracking, bei dem die Nummer für eine gewisse Zeit fix vergeben wird.  Lesen Sie dazu auch den Abschnitt " Wie funktioniert Call-Tracking?

Call tracking advantages for your marketing

The connection of campaigns, advertising measures or complete customer journeys with calls is the basis for better marketing decisions. Call tracking provides important insights via the voice channel with minimal effort. But image measures such as branding the calls using whisper sound are also exciting features for your marketing. - about us

We are one of the leading solution providers and software companies in the field of call tracking and online marketing. When solving the current challenges, the intelligent optimization of call leads and conversions can generate great success. By using our technology you are one step ahead of your competitors.